Our Branch Promise

Here today, here tomorrow. That's our promise to every town and city with a Nationwide branch on its high street. So, if we're still a part of your community on March 18th 2019, we'll stay part of your community until at least May 31st 2021.

The high street's changing – but we're not

Not everyone wants to manage their money at an address that starts with 'www'. This is one reason we've committed to staying part of the hundreds of towns and cities we're already in. Another is because we believe in communities: in building society, nationwide. For many, that's best done face to face.

Investing in our branches

We’re giving many of our branches an impressive makeover. It’s part of a £350m investment we’ve committed to spend on our branches over a period of 5 years - £80 million this year alone. And these changes are far from cosmetic. We’ve listened to our members and introduced features to suit the way people manage their finances today.

Community is at the heart of our new design, so expect new branch environments that are open and welcoming. Have a coffee and a chat, read a paper, use the iPads and free WiFi – we want you to feel at home. And look out for Nationwide NOW: your direct, high-definition video link to whole teams of personal banking managers and specialist consultants.

Our branches come in all different shapes and sizes but they all share one thing in common – our commitment to the high street.

Will any branches close?

As we look to create better branches for our members, it may make sense to close or merge some older branches in a few areas. These will make way for newer, more accessible branches.

But whatever happens, our Branch Promise stands: if we’re in your town or city on March 18th 2019, we’ll still be around until at least May 31st 2021. Because when it comes to our branches, we like to be completely open.

Branch transformation

Discover the philosophy behind our branch transformations and how we’re making our branches feel part of your community.

Nationwide NOW

Installed in hundreds of our branches, Nationwide NOW gives you access to expert advice via video link.