Protecting what you value

Your home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make. And the possessions within your home have probably got a lot of sentimental value too. 

Yet all this could disappear in a matter of minutes if there’s a disaster like a fire or a flood. That’s where home insurance can help.

The two types of home insurance

There are two different types of insurance:

  • Buildings insurance – this covers permanent fixtures, like the building itself, or the kitchen or bathroom
  • Contents insurance – this covers things you keep in your home, such as furniture, electronic equipment and your personal belongings. 

You can often take out a combined policy that includes both buildings and contents insurance in one policy. 

Do I have to take out home insurance?

If you’re buying your own home you may need to have buildings insurance in order to be able to have a mortgage. 

Contents insurance on the other hand isn’t compulsory, but it’s still a good idea to take it out so you are covered if your possessions are damaged, lost or stolen.

Interesting fact

Nationwide home insurance received 60,741 claims in 2014. That's 166 claims a day!

[Source: Nationwide Building Society]