Understanding the basics

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How to choose a bank account

Want to open a new current account? Get help finding the right one – read our top 10 things to look out for when comparing accounts.

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Keep your money secure

Know how to protect your money and how technology is helping banks and building societies tackle fraud.

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Travelling overseas

Whether you’re going on holiday, taking a long trip, gap year or planning to work abroad, it’s important to get the travel basics right. 

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Understanding loans and credit

Understand the basics about loans, from where you can borrow money to how APR works.

Sending money abroad

Need to transfer money overseas? Our guide can help you to understand the process.

Understanding payments and transfers

There are lots of types of payments and transfers, understand the differences, and how to make payments from your account.

The UK Budget Guide

Understand what a budget is, what's in it and who it affects. 

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