Using your card abroad

The Member Credit Card comes with unlimited commission-free purchases, so you can travel the world without having to worry about unexpected charges.

Paying for purchases abroad

There are no fees for purchases overseas, so there’s no need to take lots of cash with you when you go on holiday.

Individual sellers may apply their own commission charges.

Withdrawing cash abroad

If you use your Member Credit Card for cash withdrawals overseas, you’ll be charged interest at cash rates plus a fee of 2.5%, with a minimum charge of £3. See our rates and details for more information.

Some cash machines may apply additional charges.

Spread the cost of your holiday

With credit cards there's no fixed end date for repaying your debt, so you can spread the repayments for the cost of your holiday across however long suits you – but remember to make at least the minimum repayment each month.

Great combination – the Member Credit Card with our FlexPlus current account.

If you already have our FlexPlus current account, it comes with worldwide travel insurance. You can also withdraw cash abroad with no extra fees. Whether you use the Member Credit Card or the FlexPlus current account, you won’t get charged extra fees when you make purchases abroad, so you’d have the flexibility to use either card while you are on holiday, and spread the cost of your spending.

Before you travel

You don’t need to tell us you are going away.

If we spot a transaction we’re unsure about, we may block your card temporarily. If this happens we'll call or text you straightway to check your transaction is genuine. If you tell us it is, we'll unblock your card.

Should I pay in sterling when I'm abroad?

This will depend upon what the foreign retailer or cash machine charges as an exchange rate and as their commission.

It's impossible for us to say which will be cheaper for you. Unless you know exactly what the exchange rate is, and can do the maths, it's usually best to choose local currency.

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