ISA transfers

The guidance on this page also applies to matured Child Trust Funds held with other providers. This includes matured Child Trust Funds that are not ISAs.

What you need to know

People often switch ISA managers. They may do this because they’re looking for a better interest rate, or they want to bring their accounts under one roof with one manager.

There are the government rules about transferring a cash ISA:

  • You can only have one ‘active’ cash ISA every year — this means, for example, that you can’t open multiple ISAs in a tax year, and benefit from the tax-free savings allowance in every one of these cash ISAs.
  • It's important that you follow the correct process for transferring an ISA. We’ll tell you how to do this when you apply. Please don’t just withdraw your money from an ISA if you want to transfer it. If you do this, you'll lose the tax-efficient benefits.
  • Transfers from one ISA manager to another ISA manager during a single tax year will not affect your annual ISA allowance for that tax year, as long as you follow the correct transfer process.

Before committing to an ISA transfer, there are a few things to think about, including:

  • Does the new ISA you want to open accept transfers?
  • Will there be a penalty if you transfer your current ISA (for example, if it is a fixed-term ISA that carries an early-access charge for moving the money or for switching managers)?
  • Will you be allowed to transfer money from all of your existing ISAs, or are you restricted to only moving money in your current ‘active’ ISA?

Arranging an ISA transfer

  • From your current manager to Nationwide

    We’ll guide you through what you need to do when you apply for one of our cash ISAs, either online or in branch.

    The process can be slightly different depending on which cash ISA you’re opening. In many cases, you will be able to complete your transfer request simply by filling in our online form.

    See our range of cash ISAs

    If you already have a Nationwide cash ISA: how to move/transfer money

  • Transferring from Nationwide to a new manager

    You’ll need to speak to your new manager, who will be able to arrange the transfer for you.

    If they ask for your Nationwide ISA details, use these:

    • Account number: 33333334
    • Sort code: 070093
    • Your roll/reference number

    Your roll/reference number looks like this: 1234/123456789. You can find it:

    • printed on the inside cover of your passbook
    • when you log in to the Internet Bank
    • or for Fixed Rate ISAs, on the front of the certificate you received when you opened your account.

  • Transferring a stocks and shares ISA to a cash ISA

    You need to request a transfer pack. We'll send it to you within 5 working days. When you've completed it, you can return it by post, or to a Nationwide branch. You transfer will be completed within 30 days.

Transferring money between your Nationwide cash ISA accounts

When you open one or more cash ISA accounts with us, they form part of a portfolio cash ISA. This means you can move money between the accounts in your ISA portfolio without it counting towards your annual ISA allowance.

In most cases, you can move money between the accounts in your cash ISA portfolio:


Some cash ISA products limit how much you can take out or pay in. You'll need to consider this before moving money between accounts in your Nationwide cash ISA.


You may find that your existing ISA is on a low interest rate. To make sure you benefit from new interest rates, you could transfer this ISA to one with a higher interest rate, or one that better suits your needs.

Please note that not all ISAs accept transfers-in so you may need to shop around to find the right one for you.

If you do this, you'll lose the tax-efficient benefits. Make sure you use your new manager's transferring service.

Cash ISAs

For cash ISAs, it will take up to 15 working days for us to complete your transfer once we've got your transfer request. It may take longer if your ISA funds aren't free to move or they have a notice period.

Stocks and shares ISAs

For stocks and shares ISAs, industry guidelines recommend that the full transfer process takes 30 days from start to finish (from receipt of your application). However, you need to be aware that this can depend upon the availability of proceeds from the sale of your stocks and shares ISA.

Stocks and shares ISAs can include a variety of investment-types which could each take different times to close down or sell, this may mean that it takes longer than 30 days for your current manager to make the proceeds available for transfer.

In transferring in a stocks and shares Junior ISA or a Equity Child Trust Fund (stocks and shares), the industry recommendation is that the process takes 30 days. However, this will depend upon the time taken by your managers to sell the funds that you have invested in.

Yes. If you transfer your current-year ISA, we will tell your new ISA manager how much more you can deposit within the tax year.

Yes. If you transfer your current-year ISA to us, your current ISA manager will tell us how much more you can deposit within the tax year.

You will not be able to repay any money (under the rules of ISA flexibility) that is withdrawn after the switch, without it counting towards your annual ISA allowance.

Yes. The process for transferring ISAs can also be used for matured CTFs. This applies even if the matured CTF is not an ISA.

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