If you've built up an overpayment reserve on your mortgage, you could reduce your future monthly mortgage payments by 'underpaying'.

What is an underpayment?

An underpayment is when you pay less than your required monthly mortgage payment. This is only possible if you've made overpayments in the past, leaving you with an overpayment reserve.

How do I use my overpayment reserve to underpay?

Any overpayments you make within your mortgage’s overpayment allowance will contribute to and build up an overpayment reserve. So, if you want some flexibility with your monthly payments for a few months, your overpayment reserve could let you ‘underpay’ on future monthly mortgage payments.  

Please note: Any underpayments that you make will reduce your overpayment reserve.

I'd like to make an underpayment

To arrange an underpayment period at Nationwide, call us on 03457 30 20 11 or visit us in branch.

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