There are a number of fees and charges associated with getting, changing or ending a mortgage. Here at Nationwide, we want you to be able to easily understand the fees that may apply to you. We've worked with UK Finance (This link will open in a new window) and Which? to show these clearly. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact one of our Mortgage Consultants.

These fees may differ if you have our Lifetime Mortgage, please check the Lifetime Mortgage Tariff of Charges

Initial fees before your first monthly payment

These are the fees and charges you may have to pay before we transfer your mortgage funds.

Name of fee Funds transfer fee – at Nationwide we call this a telegraphic transfer fee
What the fee is for Charged for electronically transferring the mortgage funds to you or your solicitor via Telegraphic Transfer (CHAPS).
How much is the fee? £20. This can often be done for free via a BACs payment, but the transfer will take three working days.
Further information How to make a large payment using CHAPS.

Name of fee Legal fee
What the fee is for You’ll normally instruct a solicitor to act on your behalf in connection with your transaction. You may be required to pay legal fees and costs as part of their work on your behalf. These fees/costs are normally charged by the solicitor directly to you, unless we tell you that we’ll contribute to the legal costs as part of your product deal.
How much is the fee? Ask your solicitor to confirm these costs.

Name of fee Product fee
What the fee is for This is charged on some mortgages as part of the deal. It can be paid up-front or added to the total mortgage amount. If you add it to your mortgage, you’ll pay interest on it at the same rate as the rest of your borrowing.
How much is the fee? £0 - £999
Name of fee Valuation fee
What the fee is for The valuation report is used to calculate how much we’ll lend you. This is separate from any valuation or survey of the property you might want to commission.
There are other homebuyers or structural survey options available to you at a cost and there may be different approaches in different parts of the UK.
Some mortgages offer free valuations – the product details for your mortgage will tell you if this is the case.
How much is the fee? £0. A standard valuation is free, but other charges will apply for different survey types.
Further information There are three types of valuation you can get.
  • Standard valuation – Nationwide charges no fees for this basic valuation of your home.
  • HomeBuyer Report – fees vary, see table.
  • Full structural survey – most thorough survey of your home and the only one that could hold up in court should you ever need to raise issues about your home's structure. Fees for this survey are determined on a case by case basis – call us to find out more.