Secure Banking.
It's more than a secure link between you and Nationwide...

We'll do everything we can to help reduce the risk of fraud and protect you online but there's also steps you can take to help.

Log in security

To be sure it's you, we log you in to online banking with two steps.

  1. Your unique customer number and date of birth; and
  2. Your card reader, or passnumber and code sent to your mobile.

You'll see your last session details

Each time you log in to our Internet Bank, we'll display the details of your last session. Keeping a regular check on the activity on your account couldn't be easier.

You'll get a card reader

If you have a current account Visa debit card, you'll get a card reader. If you don't, our security questions will keep you secure. 

More about card readers
More about security questions

Our automated calls help reduce fraud

If we spot unusual payments or transfers on your account we may get in touch using an automated system. It's a quick and easy way for you to confirm the last 6 transactions on your account are genuine.

There's extra security with Visa Secure 

Visa Secure is a free service. It makes sure when you shop online with your Visa debit or credit card, your shopping experience is secure and greatly reduces the risk of fraud when you're making online purchases.

You're backed by a digital banking promise

If you lose money as a result of fraud through our Internet or Banking app service, we’ll put the money back in your account immediately, if certain conditions are met.