Overdrafts with Nationwide current accounts

Sometimes we all need a little wriggle room. With an arranged overdraft, we agree an amount of credit on your current account - extra money that’s available to you when you need it. You’re only charged for the amount you use, so it can be useful for short term borrowing.

All of our current accounts offer arranged overdrafts as an option, except FlexBasic. If you’d like one, you’ll need to ask us for one - either when you apply or any time afterwards. We’ll look at your circumstances before deciding if we can offer you an arranged overdraft.

To apply for an arranged overdraft, you need to be 18 or over, and a UK resident.

How to apply for an arranged overdraft

You can apply for an arranged overdraft when you open your account with us. It’s part of the application form.

If you have already opened your account, you can ask us to change your arranged overdraft limit:

  • In your Internet Bank
  • In your Banking app
  • In your nearest branch

Get step-by-step instructions to request or change an arranged overdraft.

Just as with other forms of borrowing, applying for an arranged overdraft will be recorded on your credit file. Increasing your arranged overdraft limit frequently can negatively affect your credit score.

Ways to manage your overdraft

Ways to manage your overdraft

We'll send you text alerts to help you manage your arranged overdraft. You can choose to stop text alerts if you wish. You’ll receive these texts automatically, as long as we have your correct mobile number and you haven’t already opted out.

You can keep track of your spending and easily transfer money through our Banking app and Internet Bank. You’ll find copies of your statements in the Internet Bank which include all charges for your overdraft.

Keep in mind, our Banking app is only available on certain devices.

Other ways to borrow

Arranged overdrafts can be useful for short term borrowing. But there are other ways to borrow that may be better for you, depending on your needs.

Try using our loans calculator. You can also find out about our credit card and borrowing with your mortgage.