FlexPlus includes UK & European breakdown and recovery assistance. You’re covered in any eligible UK registered vehicle. If you breakdown and the vehicle you're in can't be repaired at the roadside, we’ll get you to your destination.

What's included

  • UK and European breakdown assistance for account holder(s) in any vehicle whether a driver or passenger, registered in the UK, that they are travelling in
  • Cover for anyone driving one UK registered vehicle registered to the account holder and which is being used with his/her permission. Where the account is in joint names then up to two vehicles can be covered
  • Assistance provided at home and at the roadside with national recovery and onward travel
  • No call out limit *
  • No excess to pay

Please read the full terms in the policy document (PDF).

* Vehicles must be serviced and maintained in line with manufacturer guidelines and we will ask to see evidence of servicing, maintenance and repair if we believe the service is being used excessively

What's not included

  • The cost of replacement parts and associated labour to repair the vehicle
  • Vehicles not registered to the account holder(s) unless the account holder(s) are in the vehicle at the time of breakdown and when the breakdown professional arrives
  • Vehicles being used for hire and reward purposes (such as taxis)
  • Vehicles that do not have a valid MOT, any applicable vehicle tax, or are not serviced or maintained in line with manufacturer guidelines
  • Vehicles must not exceed any of the following dimensions when fully loaded:
  • - Caravans and trailers – 8 metres in length (including A-frame)
    - Motorhomes – 8 metres in length or 7.5 tonnes in weight
    - All other vehicles – 7 metres in length, 2.3 metres in width, 3 metres in height or 3.5 tonnes in weight
    (Please see Sections 2 and 3 B of the policy document for further details on vehicle eligibility)
  • Vehicles not registered in the UK
  • Vehicles using trade plates or where the vehicle is under the control of a motor trader for the purpose of its sale
  • Please read the full terms in the policy document (PDF).

Who is covered?

  • The FlexPlus account holder travelling in any UK registered vehicle
  • Anyone travelling in a vehicle registered to the FlexPlus account holder, being used with their permission.

When am I covered?

Cover will be in place as soon as the account is opened.

What will I need to pay?

Labour at the roadside and at your home address is covered as part of your policy. Any other labour costs not agreed by us, along with the cost of parts remain your responsibility.

What happens if the car can't be fixed?

  • We can arrange a hire car, or
  • Pay for you to carry on your journey, or
  • Pay for overnight accommodation near the repair garage.

What happens if my circumstances change?

  • If you buy a new car you don't need to contact us, you'll still be covered.
  • If you cancel your FlexPlus current account your cover will come to an end.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your insurance cover at any time. This can be done by closing your FlexPlus account, at which point the benefits and services of our cover will no longer be available. Give us a call on 0800 11 88 55 to find out more.

If you cancel any of the benefits or services of your FlexPlus account, the account must be closed or switched to another current account that you are eligible to open. No refund will be due upon cancellation.

What if I've already got cover?

You may be paying twice for the same cover, so you’ll need to consider which policy provides the best cover for you.

Need assistance?

For general enquiries call the FlexPlus helpline:

0800 11 88 55 (from UK)
+44 1793 54 12 00 (from abroad)

If you need breakdown recovery, please contact us on:

0800 587 71 00 (from UK)
+44 (0) 1202 31 14 31 (from Europe)

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FlexPlus UK & European Breakdown and Recovery Assistance is underwritten by Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited

*Vehicles must be serviced and maintained in line with manufacturer guidelines and we will ask to see evidence of servicing, maintenance and repair if we believe the service is being used excessively.