If you'd like to transfer a matured Child Trust Fund that you hold with another provider into a Nationwide cash ISA, you'll need to use the ISA transfer process. This process can be used even if your matured Child Trust Fund is not an ISA.

More about transfers

We previously offered two types of Child Trust Fund (CTF):

  1. A cash fund, where the money is held in a traditional bank or building society account, and
  2. An equity stakeholder fund, where the money is invested in company shares (known as equities).

We no longer accept vouchers to open Child Trust Fund accounts.

You can put up to £9,000 into the account each year – starting on the child's birthday and ending the day before their next one.

The Cash CTF is a Nationwide savings account. The Equity Stakeholder CTF was provided by Legal & General until the 17th November 2016 when the administration and management of the Equity Stakeholder CTF was transferred to OneFamily.

Important changes to the Equity Stakeholder Child Trust Fund

Your child's Child Trust Fund is being administered by OneFamily. OneFamily are experts in child savings products and are the UK's largest Child Trust Fund provider. Owned by and run for their customers, with over £7.4 billion of funds under management.
You can find out more information about Child Trust Funds on OneFamily's website or call the OneFamily Customer Service Team on 0344 8 920 920. Open Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays.

Please note that OneFamily are unable to offer advice on the Equity Stakeholder CTF.

Frequently asked questions

Additional contributions into the cash CTF can be made in branch or via the Internet Bank.

It's important to note that all additional contributions made by you, family or friends into the fund account can't be withdrawn until your child's 18th birthday and that only your child will have access to the money at that time.

Just imagine what a difference a lump sum on your 18th birthday would have made to your life. It's a time when every little helps, and contributing to a Child Trust Fund now could deliver enough money to help with your child's future education, a deposit on a first home, or to buy a first car - whatever they want.

Any savings in the Child Trust Fund (CTF) will be moved into a CTF Maturity ISA. This account is designed to be a temporary home for your child's savings until they decide what they'd like to do with it. Because of this, they won't be able to pay any more money into the account when it moves. Also, the interest rate will go down.

Here's what to do next.

Call your local branch

Whatever your child decides to do with their money, they'll need to call us in branch first. This is so we can let them know the next steps, and whether they need to actually visit a branch.

They can do this anytime from the day they turn 18.

They just need to let a member of our team know that their Child Trust Fund account has matured, and we'll take care of the rest.

What to bring

If your child needs to visit us in branch, they'll need to bring:

  • their National Insurance number
  • some ID, like a passport or driving licence

Keep in mind

Although lockdown is easing, we're still protecting each other from the risk of spreading coronavirus. That means only coming into a branch if it's essential. So, if your child doesn't need access to their money right now, we'd ask you to avoid visiting us until things are better. Our main priority is to keep everyone safe and well.

Otherwise, check the latest updates on our branch opening times.

Help deciding what to do with their savings

Sometimes it can help to chat through all the options available before deciding what to do next. Especially if they'd like some help choosing a different savings account. If so, they can call their nearest branch.

We can chat through our accounts and help choose one that's right for them. We're looking forward to seeing your child in one of our branches once things are better.

Interest is paid tax-free, and is added to your children's savings account on their birthday.

Interest added to the account will not affect the annual allowances. You can put up to £9,000 into the account each year – starting on the child's birthday and ending the day before their next one. This limit is subject to HMRC Treasury rules and is reviewed each tax year.

As the account is owned by your child, there's no further income tax to pay on the interest earned. Child Trust Fund interest is credited free of personal income tax.

A cash Child Trust Fund can be transferred to an equity fund - and the other way round. You can also transfer from one provider to another.

We no longer offer new Child Trust Funds or the option to transfer between Nationwide cash and equity Child Trust Funds. But you can change types during a transfer to a new provider.

No matter who the provider is, you can only hold a Child Trust Fund or a Junior ISA - not both.